The Wolf Totem

An interactive light sculpture

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Wolf Totem by Scott Wilson and Jo Lundberg endeavors to celebrate spiritual symbols from cultures around the globe in an interactive, kinetic sculpture. Combining elements from totem poles, Tibetan prayer wheels and the obelisk, the piece incorporates Native American, Norse, Egyptian and Roman mythology. The wolf motif is intended as a common link found in ancient mythologies highlighting similarities amidst our differences. Festival goers spin the prayer wheels, align the myths depicted on its facades and admire the light projections cast by LEDs inside the sculpture onto the environment.


Scott "Raven" Wilson

I have been active in the Portland Arts Community since 1999,  I am primarily a wood worker focusing on natural sculptural elements.  I have been increasingly interested in utilizing light and projection with my pieces.  I love the interplay of light and shadow to create dramatic effects.  I have used everything from candlelight,  blacklight, copious brooder lights to propane flame effects to create installations ranging from Alberta Street’s Last Thursday to Burningman.  I am proud to team up with the talented Jo Lundberg to bring to the Portland Winter Lights Festival this latest piece titled “The Wolf Totem”


Jo Lundberg

Using the pew as a desk and kneelers as her seat, Jo Lundberg taught herself how to draw portraits during Catholic mass as a child. She never stopped doodling. Alternating between a paintbrush and the jigsaw, Jo up-cycles pieces of wood incorporating the natural beauty of the wood grain as part of the composition. Her symbolic works are often described as “surreal” and inspired by the natural world, the sea, Frida Kahlo, human anatomy and the place where psychology and the human condition bisect. Her work is in private and public collections, including St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon and she is currently represented by Wolff Gallery and Archimedes Gallery. Jo works as an Art Therapist. Jo began using LEDs to backlight her wooden sculptures for dramatic effect. Collaborating with artist Scott Wilson, they created a large kinetic scale sculpture for What The Festival in 2016.


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We're displaying our piece at the Portland Winter Lights Festival, hosted by OMSI in Portland, Oregon from February 1-4th 2017. 

The Wolf Totem

OMSI,1945 SE Water Ave. Portland, OR 97214-3354